Yale Keys 

When it comes to the reputation of Yale, it would be hard for anyone to say they don’t trust them. The largest reason that you can’t take a shot at Yale is that they are widely considered to be the creators of the modern day pin tumbler lock. That means that all the technically better brands are standing on the shoulders of these giants. No matter if you are using a Kwikset or a Medeco, they all owe their design to the work of Linus Yale, Jr. and Henry R. Towne. This is to say, if you trust the locks you are using on your door, or would trust any brand on this list, you are also trusting the work of Yale. Yale locks themselves are well constructed and often come with two or so spool pins. These locks have become more popular on in the UK in recent years, and eventually, Yale became the colloquial term for household keys and lock, similar to the way that facial tissue is referred to in the States as Kleenex. When a name brand becomes the shorthand for the entire range of products, you can be sure people trust it.

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