Often thought of as the best lock, Medeco rests on the highest pedestal the public offers lock brands. People often ask me about Medeco locks and expect me to say that they are the best. People definitely trust this brand. Is it all hype? It is a bit of a mixed bag. People like to claim that Medeco’s are unpickable, but that is really untrue. I would say that most people would not be able to pick them, and those that could, probably have the skills not to be a burglar. The largest issue with Medeco is that they keep updating their design in order to maintain patents. With each update, the locks became a little less secure, until 2011 where the largest issues were addressed. The methods of picking these locks, even with the old security vulnerabilities, is still not easy. It is a strong lock, but the trust people place in the brand is a little too grand. Temper your expectations a bit, and your trust should be on point. This is by no means a bad lock, it is simply not as perfect as the general public believes it to be. To get the best version, get newer models made after 2011.

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